Top 5 takeaways from “The Champion’s Mind” by Jim Afremow

The Champion’s Mind how great athlete’s think, train and thrive” written by Jim Afremow is this week’s topic. Dr. Afremow is one of the world’s leading sports psychologists and this week I took my time to read his book. I have read it once before but felt like refreshing my memory a little and sharing some of my favorite points from this book.

So, let’s jump right into it. I will simply talk about some of my favorite takeaways from this book; hopefully, you will still want to read it after I have spoiled what the book is about. I believe it’s worth reading more than once. The first time I read it was two years ago and I still could go back this week and find new little things that I am going to focus on and perhaps share with you.

The 5 takeaways from this weeks book review:

  1. Have a clear VISION that you can pursue DAILY. To be able to do this you must know your WHY, because the motivation equation is the following -> expectancy x value / impulsively x delay = MOTIVATION
  2. Have GOOD bad days, meaning if you are having a terrible game or practice the great athletes separate themselves from the good ones by recovering and responding in a positive and effective way instead of dreading.
  3. BALANCE is the KEY, find the golden middle point. Too much of something is never good. Finding that balance in life, sports, and at work will help you move forward. Too much control, too much work, too much planning, too much sleep or too much hard work will never turn out good.
  4. Start your evaluation after a performance with these three questions. What was GOOD? What can I do BETTER? What do I need to change to be my BEST?
  5. Stay PERSISTENT, it is easy to be fired up and motivated when everything is going the way you want it. But stay persistent when things are not going your way, and when you want to give up.
~ The positive psychology field has taught us about the benefits of optimism and happiness. One study correlated the life spans of major Baseball players with their smiles. In 2010, researchers Ernest Abel and Michael Kruger analyzed 230 baseball cards from 1952, a time when cards featured athletes looking straight at the camera. The results will make you want to smile. Players not smiling has an average life span of 72.9 years. Players partially smiling had an average life span of 75.0 years. Players with a full smile had an average life span of 79.9 years. ~ Jim Afremow

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