Who Is Successful And Why? – Grit (Part 2)

Last week’s post on the first book on GRIT by Angela Lee Duckworth left me curious about what the second book had to offer so instead of reading it I listened to through an audiobook and I think that is becoming my new favorite thing. I can listen to a book at the same time as I am doing something else, it is just great. Let’s not get too much off tack and get back on the book review on Grit The Power of Passion and Perseverance by Angela Duckworth.

In the first book, Duckworth covers remarkably powerful concepts and remains to do the same in the second book regarding what it is that truly separates people from one another. For example, she compares those who had all the talent in the world to be mediocre and to people that did not have the potential but became notably successful.

So let’s start with uncovering what grit is: PASSION and PERSEVERANCE, that’s all it is. But if we were to explain it, it is finding what will keep your interest going even when things get hard and boring. Duckworth mentioned that it is like “falling in love and staying in love over the long run,” which I absolutely love.

Similar to the first book, Duckworth goes a little deeper into three points that I also believe are the core takeaways from this book. So let me share them with you:

GRIT is about Stamina

Like Duckworth mentioned in the first book “you have to view your life as a marathon and not a sprint,” but in the book, she manages to break it down into pieces. Like explaining the difference between hard work and grit and how those two are not the same. The distinction between the two terms is that hard workers find themselves running our of enthusiasm and are left with no motivation at the end. The lack of motivation makes it easier for them to leave and pursue another passion. She stresses that it is okay to move on from one thing to another but if you are constantly doing that in life, it won’t take you anywhere. This is where the “sticking with it in the long run” comes in, having the willingness to stick with something long after it stops being fun, that is where grit shows in people.

Effort Counts Twice as much as Talent

The first thing that goes through my mind even as I was reading the first book was “what about those people that are just born to do something?” Duckworth argues that talent does play a small role but at the end of the day, effort counts more. In particular, she says “talent counts, but effort counts twice.” Yet as a society we have a natural bias towards naturally talented people. So my next question is why do we still compare ourselves to extraordinary people? Duckworth means that instead of comparing ourselves to extraordinary people we have to think as “if I stay consistent and have the willpower to continue working hard on this for a few years I will manage to be at the same spot that extraordinary person, and only then we are able to accomplish something extraordinary.”

GRIT can be developed

Am I the only one smiling right now? Duckworth means that if someones has grit, we can all learn how to get it. We have to quit feeling sorry for ourselves and putting ourselves in a box where false beliefs are the reality. Instead, believe that if someone has a trait, we can all learn how to develop it. Like I mentioned earlier, we are not born with great self-confidence, we develop that trait throughout the years of learning, failing and getting back up. Yet another aspect that caught my attention was when Duckworth said: “you either have grit or you can develop it.” Then she goes into how you are able to develop grit and what will happen after.

Until next week, be honest with yourself and evaluate whether you have grit or not. If you do, you know what to do. If not, try to develop it with the help of my blog posts on GRIT or get Duckworth’s books on GRIT and start reading.

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