Week 1 “Surrounded By Idiots” by Thomas Erikson

People will always get critiqued by others for having their own theories of how the world works. However, when you know how to categorize daily information in your brain, the world becomes an easier place for you to operate in. This book builds on four different personality types according to Erikson, reading it taught me a new way of categorizing.

To begin with, let’s talk about the title for a minute. I think the title speaks for itself. Why do I say that? Only because we perceive people as idiots when they aren’t thinking otherwise. “My way is the best way” is a common thought that we won’t let go of. Believing that others solve issues differently sounds reasonable. However, when it’s time to let go of “my way is the best way” kind of mindset, it is not always that easy. 

Remember, there will always be people who aren’t entirely fitting in either of the “color” descriptions, and that is simply how it is. Some people are 100% introverts, others are 100% extroverts, and then there are some that are both. That is also how it works with the color categorizations, some people are 100% blue or green, while others are red or yellow. Then some people are a mix of two colors. Just to say, keep your mind open when and if you chose to read this book.

Again, you do not have to agree with everything someone else states. However, pushing yourself to understand them and truly putting yourself in their shoes can be the key to resolving issues.

Now, let’s get to the book and what the colors mean:

First we have the reds, they want one thing, to win. This makes them extremely competitive, and when things do not go their way, aggression is the solution. Their way of thinking is fast, they want results instantly, and patience is not a friend of theirs. Because of their intense competitiveness, they can turn a simple board game or warm-up drill in practice into a far more emotional game. A loss in a “friendly” game can lead to excessive emotional outbursts. The reds make it clear when they have lost a game, and that is why they never see a loss, they always find a “reasonable explanation” as to why they should have won. However, they also make it even more clear when they have won a game. Besides, they can be very demanding and expect you to work very hard for them. Perhaps that is why they are not very likable, they care solely about results and they are very honest. They will always say the truth and not hold anything back, this can in turn make them hurt your feelings. However, they do not think about hurting your feelings but as a result of their straightforwardness, be ready to hear absolutely anything if you want their opinion. Therefore, reds are perfectly suited for manager positions as they are good at leading in crisis, and will do anything to get the result they want.

Then we have the yellows, they are the popular people, and they absolutely love relationships, they always have something to say and it’s never a dull moment when you’re around them. This makes them great speakers and salespeople. On top of that, they are enthusiastic, positive, persuasive, energetic. When there’s a party going on you best believe they are the entertainers. This, in turn, makes them great networkers and ambassadors. Since they know a lot of people they know who can finish the ide they have in mind, which leads us to the next point. Yellows are very creative thinkers because of their interest in a lot of different things. Their expertise is starting projects and creating opportunities/possibilities for others. Often, their optimism and positivity make this possible for them. However, their optimism can sometimes lead them in the wrong direction, meaning they are late at finishing tasks even though they are experts at getting them started.

Then the greens are, according to Erikson, the most common people in our society. Their easy-going personality makes them likable, and they are never out to hurt anyone directly. They are conservative, calm, great listeners, and the most prominent thing, they care a lot about others. Their biggest unknown fear is change, they do not cope very well with change, and they can’t bear to be uncomfortable. They love structure and a well-settled routine. However, do not be fooled by them saying that they like change and new things, because that is not the case. They are the best employees, they will always complete a task at the given time, they are reliable, they like to do things the same way every time and they hate to disappoint others. The fact that greens want everyone around them to be alright does not mean that they keep their mouth shut. They have opinions as well, and if you start to test their boundaries they will eventually explode. They are the types of people that soak in everything everyone is telling them and eventually when it gets too much they explode, then they delete you from their daily life and move on. As I said, they like to do everything their way and do not like to change their routine so don’t test them.

Lastly, we have the blues, they are very easy to recognize for their extreme precision at work and their private life. Perhaps you can call them the “perfectionist” because their environment is always clean and in order. Every little thing has its place and purpose. Their precision makes them less likely to make mistakes and they know their schedule so well you can wake them up in the middle of the night and they will know what the rest of the week looks like on their calendar. Their accuracy also makes them likely to correct you, they will tell you if your fact is inaccurate. They read and look up everything, just to be sure that they have eliminated possible errors. This makes them quite lonely and you will probably find them being single. Blues like their quiet time and their own space where they can work for as much as they want. When a blue wins a game or receives a price they take it and immediately go back to work, this is also why they make excellent employees. They are quiet and they do what needs to be done to get a good looking result. This makes them optional planners, and designers but to sell them something is a very hard task. They are not very easy-going, they want to know everything and every little unnecessary detail that might have or might not have anything to do with the actual product or thing that is being presented. Their attention to detail makes them prone to becoming experts in an area quickly because they will do anything they can and learn everything there possibly is to learn about that one specific thing. Their desire for loneliness and their extreme work ethic makes them lack basic social skills which are why they often do not get into relationships.

Until next week, try to see what color/colors you are and perhaps if you can categorize what color/colors your peers are. Then ask them to read the description above and tell you what color/colors they think you are 😉

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  1. maylynno says:

    I am a yellow yessss! Great post!

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    1. Glad to hear you found your color. Have you tried to see what colors your friends and family are?


      1. maylynno says:

        Yes I have all colours around me! What’s your colour?


      2. I was able to find traits in almost all of the colors. Depending on what situation I am in I would be a different color. Thanks for asking 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Steve Ruis says:

    I guess I am a firm charcoal grey because I am most of all four colors mixed together. I am Legion!

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