Week 5 – “The Psychology of Winning” by Denis Waitley

To be able to understand all coaches it is not sufficient to merely learn about new psychology techniques and methods. Numerous coaches are “old fashioned” and use techniques that are out of date. So, this week I took my time to listen to a quite old book, and to my surprise, the book had a lot more similarities to today’s methods and strategies then I thought.

The book was written in the early ’90s, which might seem like forever ago for some of us. Considering that new records are constantly set within the world of sports it is pretty amazing that the mental strategies are the same. All this to say that something you should start telling yourself is: I want to, I can, I’m feeling better, I’m improving, Next time I’ll get it right, I choose, I look forward to, I’ll do it. WHY? Because sometimes it is as simple as a KISS.

The KISS formula for winners

K- Keep
I – It
S – Straight Forward
S- Simple

When you keep your thoughts straight forward they become easier targets, and your mind does not wander away. For example, telling yourself something as simple as “I want to do this” even though you are tired or not feeling well will increase the chance of positive thoughts, and in turn more energy. Usually, we tell ourselves “I don’t want too, I’m feeling this or that.” Instead, tell yourself out loud, “I am feeling better, I am improving, I am going to get it right next time, and I am looking forward to it, I can do it.”

The book goes on to talk about how life is a self-fulfilling prophecy, and what the body manifests the mind harbors. We should look at problems as opportunities since we usually get what we expect in life, expect the best for yourself. “Project positive self-motivation. Since you become what you believe in the most, make sure you are constantly moving in the right direction. Go for the rewards of success and don’t go away from the penalties of failure. Project what you want. Don’t point out what you don’t want to happen. Your self-image can’t distinguish from right and wrong, or truth from fantasy. So, start seeing the person you want to become in front of you each day. The modern word for this would be visualization.”

Also, like I’ve mentioned in my earlier blog posts, set specific goals with an action plan with positive self-direction. Consider what real power and purpose are. “Set lifetime goals, ASAP goals, time priority goals, and concentrate on the most important daily goals. Set goals that are just out of reach but not out of sight, make sure you have to work for your goals, no easy goals make you the best version of yourself. It is the goals you set that are not easy to reach that you ultimately end up feeling proud of.”

Until next week, listen to this book and take away a few favorite points.

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