Week 7 – “Mindset” by Carol S. Dweck

The difference between a “growth” and a “fixed” mindset is what differentiates people from one another. Yet, this powerful word rules our core beliefs about ourselves and others around us and that is exactly what this book is about. In this blog post, I will explain Carol Dweck’s perspective on the different mindsets and how we can use them and reach the goals that we desire.

Like I mentioned in an earlier blog post, Michael Södermalm wrote about how everything lays in the head, Carol Dweck writes about the same principle. For example, if I have a bad experience in my field and I tend to not get past the barrier, then I feel incompetent in completing that task. This, later on, turns into a snowball effect of negative thoughts, and the mindset is more likely to become fixed.

Carol Dweck Two Mindsets

Now, when you understand the two mindsets I would like to share some paragraphs from the book that I believe are valuable. Write down your favorite ones in the comments below. 🙂

“it’s not always the people who start out the smartest who end up the smartest.”

“We like to think of our champions and idols as superheroes who were born different from us. We don’t like to think of them as relatively ordinary people who made themselves extraordinary.”

“I don’t mind losing as long as I see improvement or I feel I’ve done as well as I possibly could.”

“If you don’t give anything, don’t expect anything. Success is not coming to you, you must come to it.”

“This is something I know for a fact: You have to work hardest for the things you love most.”

“I believe ability can get you to the top,” says coach John Wooden, “but it takes character to keep you there.… It’s so easy to … begin thinking you can just ‘turn it on’ automatically, without proper preparation. It takes real character to keep working as hard or even harder once you’re there. When you read about an athlete or team that wins over and over and over, remind yourself, ‘More than ability, they have character.’ ”

“Many growth-minded people didn’t even plan to go to the top. They got there as a result of doing what they love. It’s ironic: The top is where the fixed-mindset people hunger to be, but it’s where many growth-minded people arrive as a by-product of their enthusiasm for what they do.”

“If you had to choose, which would it be? Loads of success and validation or lots of challenge?”

Until next week, be honest with yourself and know what mindset you have and what mindset you want to have and start working towards that slowly.

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