Do Not Be Scared Of Setting Ambitious Goals

It can sometimes be intimidating to have goals that you aren’t sure you will ever in your life accomplish. Having a vision and setting a goal are two different things, but that doesn’t mean it’s impossible to get there. If you are dialed in 100% and give your everything, anything is possible.

It’s about how we approach problems and solve them. Letting go of uncontrollable matters and solely focusing on factors that can improve our probability of succeeding. At this point, all of our energy goes towards making the right decision, instead of wasting time on making decisions that are not in our power. By playing the game by our rules, we are in the power of deciding if outside factors are going to affect us or not. Do not play the game of others; play your game.

It is the little decisions that we make every day which will determine where we will end up in a few years. To improve the probability of getting better, we have to have goals. Getting 1% better each day makes the difference in the long run. It is impossible to become a superstar overnight because it takes days to learn how to make better and smarter decisions only for getting 1% better.

At the end of the day, it is the small margins that separate an athlete from another. Getting caught up in the tiny decisions that won’t matter in a week or a month is what keeps us back from advancing 1% each day. Every single decision, from when you wake up and eat breakfast to when you go to bed at night, all plays a role in your success, so take a second look at how you chose to live your life and
if your decisions are guiding you in the right direction or holding you back.

So, if you think about it, you can achieve anything you want. The issue is not setting the right goals and having the right strategy every time, but learning from your mistakes and choosing the right things to focus on. Think about it, if you can get one percent better every third day, that is nevertheless over 100% better every year. If you get 100% better in decision-making every year, you can get twice as good in two years, and if your decisions keep on getting better at this rate, you can get three times as good in three years. I think you know where I want to get with this. The small steps are the ones that will get you to the top.

Start today!

Do not be afraid to set high goals as long as you make careful decisions, decide what you want to be affected by and what you believe is worth spending time on. Remember, you can only control what is controllable, that is, to get one percent better every day.

Until next week, decide if you are ready to set ambitious goals and then evaluate yourself honestly.

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  1. Steve Ruis says:

    Re “So, if you think about it, you can achieve anything you want.” Please do not repeat such statements as they are patently untrue. Your endorsement of SMART goals indicates that you think good goals are “achievable” and not “anything you want.”

    This is why I am such a big fan of ladders to success. If they make the goals constituting the first few rungs, they have some “success” to celebrate and build upon. It isn’t some opinion or other or hope that they can achieve something really big. We often show our athletes athletes who beat the odds: short guys who made it in the NBA, etc. But in order to overcome one major shortcoming, you need a boatload of amazing abilities to compensate. For example, I just heard Matt Barnes, a former NBA player, who commented that one of those short guys, Nate Robinson, was “the best athlete he had ever seen.” (And Mr. Barnes, as you may know, played with Kobe, LeBron, and myriad other all-time greats.)

    So, basically this is like the admonition “You can get any job you want . . . as long as you are qualified and they are hiring, and a bunch of more qualified guys don’t apply.”

    PS I recommended this blog on my blog yesterday and I hope you get some more followers from that.

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