Who Do You Like To Play Pick and Roll With?

Every basketball player has their favorite person with whom they like to play pick n’ roll. The question is, does every basketball player have a person to play pick n’ roll with in life? In this week’s blog post, I am talking about how important it is to have a pick n’ roll buddy outside the court.

Having a pick n’ roll buddy means having a person who always will set the screen right, block out all the negativity and help you on your path towards your goals and dreams. Indeed, we have to be mentally tough; however, life is not an individual sport. Life is a team sport, and just like in basketball, you need your teammates to win games and ultimately championships. It is impossible to make it without a support system in life, so carefully choose who you want on your team. Do not let negative energy vampires take over your head.

How do you pick your pick n’ roll buddy?

How do you know who you can trust and who will be your best pick n roll partner? Well, let me start by telling you who it isn’t going to be. It is not going to be that person who regularly says you’re doing well, who continuously finds an excuse for why you did not reach your goal, and who always says what you want to hear. Comfort is good, yet it won’t help you get to the top, yet honesty, on the other hand, will.

So who are you looking for? To begin with, you’re looking for a person you can tell your goals to, who will always push you, a mentor/peer who will help you stay on track no matter the circumstances and the distractions around. Also, you’re looking for someone who knows when to encourage and give you positive feedback.

What’s the difference between the first and the second example? A pretty big one, so the person who you want to play the pick n roll with is not always going to be your best friend, but the person who wants the best for you. A person who wants you to succeed and who keeps you accountable no matter if you like it or not is most likely a person of the second example. The difference is that the first person isn’t always going to tell you the truth, even when the truth is what you need to hear. Indeed, both characters are necessary, yet we are more likely to be dragged to those who say what we want to hear and not those who say things that we need to hear.

Ultimately, it is equally important to have both on your team; however, if you are looking to succeed, you need someone that will be blunt and honest with you.

Until next week, find out who your pick n’ roll buddy off the court is. Who is it that you always come to and who gives you good advice even when you don’t want to hear about it?

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