This Is How Elite Athletes Are Different

It is not the talent or the physique that makes an elite athlete different from everyone else but their mentality, response, and experience. Often it is the fixed mindset that stops the elite athlete from becoming the best possible. In this week’s blog post, I am stating the top 10 traits that separate elite athletes from the rest.

10 traits that make elite athletes distinct from the rest of the world and how:

  1. An elite athlete has been taught from a very young age to “finish what they’ve started,” and that way learned the significance of commitment. So, just because you can’t get a grab what you want when reaching your hand out doesn’t mean it is impossible to get. Learning to walk, then run and jump before reaching might seem like a setback, but an elite athlete knows that perhaps that is what will make him/her jump even higher when the time has come.
  2. An elite athlete focuses on what they can control, self-control/instruction can always be monitored, and never depends on anyone else. Effort and dedication are in the hands of the athlete, never in someone else hands. Every single second is a decision made either towards the goal or away from it.
  3. An elite athlete learns how to keep their emotions in balance, learning how to control emotions and not letting them rule what the next decision truly expresses the professionalism. If you can keep personal/emotional feelings outside the practice/game, make a decision solely based on skills/preparation/experience, then that keeps you from making silly and regrettable mistakes.
  4. An elite athlete knows how to boost their self-confidence, and how important that is when performing on the court/field. An elite athlete also knows how imperative self-assurance is when making decisions, pitching, presenting, convincing, teaching.
  5. An elite athlete understands that setbacks determine what kind of athlete/person they ultimately become in life. An elite athlete keeps coming back from injuries and finds ways to get better even when all they want is to lay in bed and feel sorry for themselves.
  6. An elite athlete understands that there is more than one way to get to the desired goal, whatever that goal might be in life/sports. If there is no straight line to the basket, pass, set a screen, maybe write up a whole play, and then there will be an open shot at the end of the action. However, it might not happen in the first few seconds, but after a while, when trusting in the process, and seeing it happen before it happens (visualize), it will happen.
  7. An elite athlete appreciates the value of healthy friendships, family, peers because it is impossible to get to the top entirely alone. Having a “pick n’ roll” buddy is imperative if wanting to succeed in life and sports. I wrote a whole blog post on “pick n’ roll” buddies, take a look HERE.
  8. An elite athlete keeps going even when it gets disgusting, unpleasant, and miserable. A career is like life, it is compact, has its bright flashes, but most of it is a struggle. Yet, the short and happy moment’s are worth it, and that’s why an elite athlete doesn’t give up because it didn’t work the first time.
  9. An elite athlete recognizes the value of a healthy and successful mindset. However, this comes with experience, and not every athlete manages to figure this out during their career. Some experience the value of their mental game long after their careers as professional athletes is over. However, the essential part is that they’ve discovered their mental-potential, and can use it in life.
  10. An elite athlete has a WHY.

Are you an elite athlete in life?

  1. Do you always finish what you start?
  2. Do you control yourself, or do you let others control you?
  3. Are you able to keep your emotions intact?
  4. Do you consider yourself highly self-confident, and why; if not, why not, and how can you change that?
  5. Do you quickly drop something when it doesn’t go your way?
  6. Who is your pick n’ roll body, and are they a good such one?
  7. Do you find solutions or look for obstacles/problems?
  8. Do you stop and take a break when it gets challenging, or do you dedicate more time and effort to the task?
  9. Are you looking to become a better version of yourself every day?
  10. What is your WHY?

Until next week, answer the questions above and see if you are an elite athlete in life?

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