This Is Why You Want Control

Our brains are designed to desire goals because we want to have control over everything we do. Our brain continuously needs a goal to work towards and tasks to complete to feel accomplished. However, many athletes do not have clear and well-thought-through goals, and therefore, the goals are set by the surroundings.

What do I mean by “the goals are set by the surroundings?”

I mean precisely what I said, our goals are set by our peers, family, best friend, bosses, coaches, mentors, and everyone else around us in our daily environment. It is scary but true. The surroundings set goals right in front of our faces without us even thinking about it. Therefore, controlling the intrinsic motivation and oneself is imperative to energy consumption and confidence maintenance.

It is easy to feel like the confidence doesn’t reach the standards when you are splattered all over the place because of what’s going on around you (media having a huge impact). In a study made in 2015 by Englert & Bertrams and another in 2016 by Jordalen et al., the research findings suggested that the importance of an athletes’ motivation and self-control can be the differentiator between a player experiencing exhaustion throughout a competitive season or not. We all know that our brain affects our body, yet if the brain tells the body that it is tired and not energized, that is how the body will act.

Make sure that the brain doesn’t give the body “wrong” and misleading signals. However, this doesn’t mean that all kind of media exposure is harmful. The reason being that research shows results of a variety of factors being the core reasons for exhaustion. Besides, different “motivational” strategies can be more exhausting than stimulating. This can result in a lack of energy, and later on, develop into a snowball, and negative energy evolved from it.

It is so easy to get exhausted when you are all over the place, but if you manage to control your environment then you are more likely to use your energy wisely. It all starts with who and how you set your goals. Take a look at the following blog posts below regarding goal setting. (Click on the underlined sentence to get to the blog post.)

  1. Know WHY you set goals.
  2. To achieve goals you have never achieved before, you have to start doing things you’ve never done before.
  3. Learn what GRIT is and develop it if you wish to pursue your dream and not someone else’s.
  4. All you need to do today is to get a little better, just 1% better.
  5. One step at a time, no one started running straight out of the womb.

Remember, if you have a personal trainer, a boss, or any other type of coach set your goals together with you (who has your best interest in mind), this blog post doesn’t apply to you. Obviously, if you have chosen a person to help you set your goals for a reason, then you are doing the right thing. My goal with this blog post was to open up the eyes to athletes and employees who aren’t aware of why goals are needed.

Until next week, ask yourself if YOU are the one setting your goals, or are you letting others set your goals for you?

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