The Highlight Videos Coaches Want To See

Every season, almost all basketball players make a highlight tape or have someone make them one. The question is, how do we know what coaches want to see? Keep reading if you want to know what coaches are looking for in a highlight video. 

To begin with, I believe I do not have to stress the fact that getting better every season is one of the requirements to keep playing the sport that you love. However, becoming more proficient does not always mean making better statistical performances even though, it could help you tremendously in your career to have great statistics. If taking a step away from the numbers and focusing on what coaches/clubs are looking for, it would be the kind of player you are. In other words, statistics sell, but the person you are on and off the court sells even more.

Many players might now have the best numbers, but they are hustlers, fighters, leaders, and great representatives out on the floor. So when making your highlight, take as few games as possible, make a highlight where you show your skill, IQ, versatility, and athleticism. Let me explain why this is so important and how many games you should put in your video.


Starting with skill, you have to show what you are good at. Make it clear what your specialty is, and find a few clips where you look confident, composed, and in full awareness of your move. In this part of the video, you should emphasize what you’re good at; for example, the step-back jumper, strong drive with a change of direction, one-on-one game, jump shot fake and hook. Show your specialty, your signature move, and make it clear that you are good at it.


The next one is the IQ, which isn’t just executing the play but developing plays and good options off-ball. Within the play, you must show that you can create for others and yourself. For example, creating for others can look like this: you know who has the hot hand on the team. They’ve been hitting a few threes; instead of simply going to exchange sports, or cut through, manage to make your teammate free with a backscreen or flare screen. Show how you can benefit your team.


Versatility is what will market you as a player. Even if I stressed the significance of showing your ultimate “specialty” skill earlier, you should also present expertise in other areas. Being a scorer is great; however, it isn’t the only thing that identifies you as an athlete. Show more than one skill.


When it comes to athleticism, coaches will click right by your video when they see that you are passive. Standing still, not using your body is a no-go. Coaches want to see your stamina, strength, and agility, so make sure you involve some of that in your highlight as well.

How To Make Your Tape

  1. Pick out between 2-5 games.
  2. Present your go to skills in 10-15 clips
  3. Show your level of IQ in 4-5 clips
  4. Display your versatility and agility in 3-4 clips
  5. Make a great video between 3-7 minutes, it’s not the end of the world if the video is a little shorter/longer but rekommendations are good to have
  6. Coaches most likely won’t listen to the music so don’t stress about that
  7. Some coaches want to have stats in the video others want to just get into the action (it’ up to you if you want to include stats or not)
  8. Upload it
  9. Choose one of games in your highlight tape where you were consistent throughout the whole game
  10. Upload that one as well

Here are a couple of my own highlights

Until next week, pick out a few games where you did well and start creating your video with the tips above. If you still aren’t sure what you want your video to look like, feel free to reach out to me, and we’ll go step by step together to create your ultimate highlight video. 

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