How Can Sports Prepare You For Life?

Sports bring more than just physical benefits to life. One can learn lifelong lessons through every single sport there is. Therefore, this blog post is about lessons learned in sports that can prepare you for life. 

Consequently, no matter how talented you are at what you are doing. Other people will pass you if you don’t have a WHY, clear goals, and purpose for who you aspire to become. Without your WHY you will become mediocre, and others will outperform you. There is constantly someone out there working on their weaknesses while you are comfortably relaxing and trusting that your talent will take you somewhere.

If you wake up every single day and you don’t have a WHY, a purpose, nor a plan of how to reach your goals, then you aren’t going anywhere. You will stay right where you are and do the same things that you are. Being comfortable will become monotonous, and the feeling of inefficiency will start to creep up on you. So, avoid wasting the potential that you have within, and work on your talent actively.

What sports prepare you the best?

The answer is ALL. In all sports, you name it, basketball, football, rugby, handball, ice hockey, swimming, boxing, skiing, track and field, you have to work together with your teammates, coaches, staff, support system, and yourself.

Discipline, structure, and being a team player yet being a leader at the same time are all the pieces you need to compile to be successful in life. In sports, as in life, you have the equivalent preparation time as everyone else, and it is up to you what you are going to do with that time. The way you utilize it and the time you prepare for it lays in your hands. Every single person on this planet has an equal amount of time in a day to do what they want. You make decisions every single minute of the day. Therefore, it is up to you if you chose to work towards your dream or be mediocre.

Adversity in life vs. in sports

In all sports, adversity will be a big part of the game. Getting knocked down, and choosing to get up time after time, will show what kind of mindset you have. Again, in all sports, you will have to work smarter every single day to outwork your opponent when it is time. The opponent being yourself; always compare you to yourself and no other person. You are your biggest fear, challenge, opponent, and success and the very same time. No one else has had the same background and history behind them, and therefore it is impossible to compare yourself to others because we are all different. In a sport, as in life, adversity is among us all the time, and we learn what adversity is early in life thanks to sports.

At the end of the day, it is all about the mindset that I keep on bringing up every single week on my blog. The way you chose to direct your positive attitude, mislead the negative to the trashcan, and how you persevere is the key. There will be times when you aren’t sure why something isn’t working, and you will have to conquer that barrier that might seem impossible. When you ultimately overcome that obstacle, you will feel the wind in your back, also called flow.

Perhaps you will only experience flow once every now and then, but it will be worth it. Everything you go through to feel the effortlessness will be worth all of the work you put in. Because, isn’t that what life is about, to enjoy and love what you do?

Until next week, think about the lessons sports have given you and how it has helped you in real life 😉

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