Is There a Difference Between Reading a Book in Nature vs. Your Bed?

Do we forget what we read when we’re relaxed? Does the fresh air contribute to a better memorization of what we have read?

I build my blog posts on research, either from what I have read, personal experiences, or the experiences of the people I interview. Though, when I was researching this week’s topic, I couldn’t find anything. NOTHING. So, this might perhaps be a new field to make research, my friends.

All I could find was how reading in bed was better for reading something relaxing; meanwhile, reading for understanding, applying, and memorizing should be done while being in a concentrated position with markers and notes by your side to easier recall the information. So, I decided to take a different route on this week’s topic and write about how we can learn to remember what we read. No matter if it is for a school assignment or our own interest.

It is not a surprise

It is not a surprise that numerous successful people read a lot, but that does not mean everyone who reads a lot is successful. But while we are at it, do you read a lot, and in that case, what is a lot? Reading a little bit every day can mean a lot to some. But we have to understand that reading 50 pages per day can be a lot to someone while it is normal and simply a habit to someone else.

Okay, so let’s do a little exercise. What was the name of the last book you finished, and what do you remember? What did you do to remember what you read, and did you even try to remember it, or was it more of a habit to read to get your thoughts on something else besides life? Like I said, during my weekly research time, I was googling and somehow came to think about one thing in particular.

Why are we actually reading and do we remember anything?

I asked myself the question, and I had to laugh out loud because I could only remember a fraction of what I had underlined and wanted to take with me and use in my everyday life. So, I asked myself, how come our memory is conducting such a poor job of remembering the content we read? I doubt that we are reading too much, I do not believe there is such a thing, and thanks to the society that we live in today, there is no chance to have a balanced life and read “too much.”

Hence, I decided that the next book I was about to start reading would be a book that would stick with me. I had to find a system and then apply it to retain the content. I was researching and came across this guy called Ryan Holiday, and he has a super intriguing approach to reading and memorizing books.

Ryan Holdings Strategy

So as he reads a book, he folds pages, underlines what he likes, and makes notes to himself. Then, because he is a writer and wants to use a lot of that information, he transfers what he likes and what has impacted him from the books onto note cards. So he then writes down the thought that he had/inspired him during the time he was reading the passage and the story and then sort those note cards by theme.

He explains how he tries to create an exterior brain that organizes the information from the books. That way, his brain can memorize the books, and it might look like he got a photographic memory the way he cites books in interviews. Check him out!

Let’s try it out

So, I have decided to do the same for the book I am reading, and let’s see if this strategy works. It does require quite a lot of work to recall citations from books but remember: if you can take away one to two life lessons from every book you read and recall it whenever I think you did the job.

Every book is, in itself another person’s way of taking you on a journey and showing you their perspective or research results. So, feel like you have accomplished something and gotten one life lesson smarter if you manage to remember one simple thing from every book you read.

If you want to try to remember more than one thing from every book you read, I suggest you do the same as me. Try out Adam’s strategy, and let’s see how far it can take us.

Until next week, keep reading books as you can learn something from every single book there is out there.

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