Comfort Makes You Ordinary

If there is one thing trending today, it is to be unique, and the only way to be extraordinary is to start outside of that comfort zone.

create an opportunity

People need the opportunity to be good at something. Becoming good at something is not done through being comfortable all the time. There has to be some comfort that turns into passion and vision, but if you aren’t challenging yourself, there is a big chance of developing boredom and turning that into a negative emotion.

For example

I have many friends who have great jobs, but when I ask them: what they like about their jobs, it is rarely the actual job but the things around it and the co-workers.

If their job is to run statistics for a company, they are happier to jump on a new project than run the regular weekly stats and report it back to their boss. Even if they are bosses, they are so fed up with the same problems week in and out that having a seminar or traveling to another setting makes them happy, something to look forward to.

I do not, by any means, mean that it will always be fun to go to work, but if the majority of work is not fun, then why are you doing it? Perhaps there is something else out there that is more fun?

create a motive, a why

Let’s take athletes for an example; the majority of the athletes that I know can count several reasons why they are playing professional basketball and why they would rather play than have an office job. Athletes are often used to being challenged, being in new settings, and meeting people who share the same passion and vision as them, and that is what most of the time makes “work fun.”

In an earlier blog post, I talk about how we should keep having fun even when working in our profession. That goes for any job. I am not stating that office jobs are horrible, but I am saying that people more often so work the job that is easy and well paid instead of the one they can find challenging and grow in. Ultimately, it is when we are ordinary, in comparison to our own visions and goals, that we become numb to our passions in life.

Until next week, compare your ordinary self to yourself and make your life extraordinary by stepping out of the ordinary.

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