“Success Habits” – Napoleon Hill

“It changed my life”

This book is a transcribed version from a series of podcasts Hill did in 1952 in Missouri. Going through each chapter nearly provides the feeling of being in the same room with Hill and looking at how he talks into a microphone when he shares life lessons for success.

Hill’s Background

First, let me give you a little insight into who Napoleon Hill was. At the age of 13, he starts working as a mountain reporter. At 27, he marries Florence, who raises their three sons, James, Napoleon Jr., and David but then divorces her in the same year his magazine “Hill’s Golden Rules” is published. At 38, it becomes “Napoleon Hill’s Magazine.” At 45, he writes “The Law of Success in 16 Lessons.” At age 47, he writes another incredible piece, “The Magic Ladder to Success.”

Further, he gets to be an advisor to presidents and marries a second time at age 54 when he also writes his most famous work, “Think and Grown Rich.” Carries on to produce success pieces like “How to Sell Your Way Through Life,” “The Master Key to Riches,” “Mental Dynamite,” “Success Through a Positive Mental Attitude,” and “Grow Rich with Peace in Mind,” to mention a few. Hill becomes a businessman of the highest class in the world yet chooses to live a simple life with his third wife. He produced work up until he died in 1970.

Hill died at age 87 and is today known as one of the most successful men in history. I mean, it was, after all, he who created a manual for how to become rich; he lived by it and is living proof of his work and words.

About the book

Funny enough, this is the first book I have read on Hill, and I believe it was the right one to start with. It got me hungry to learn more about this author that had these ideas 70 years ago, in an era where being extraordinary wasn’t very popular, and fame was not there for everyone to grab.

Besides, the book is easy to read and only touches on the essential points, leaving room for self-evaluation and thinking behind. Each chapter/podcast has so much practical information that reading it again won’t feel boring as you will find new things to focus on.

So, let me share my thoughts and make this post different from the others. Stay with me.

How my challenge turned out

Note: I did say that I was to use a new strategy for remembering the next book I read, and indeed I did. Underlining, writing down notes in the book that came to my mind while I was reading, and writing it all down in a separate notebook later after I finished the book was part of the strategy. It felt like going back to school for a moment, but this time I enjoyed it. I even caught myself rereading several pages because the book seized my attention, and I wanted that information to stick in my head.

So here are some of my notes:

Until next week, buy “Success Habits,” it will be the best 15 euros invested this month. 

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