15 Major Causes for Failure in Life

When I say failure, I mean failure in everyday life. What makes others like us, and what kind of people do we like around us?

I have taken most of the points from one of Napoleon Hills’ books but also added a little from my own research from when I started to write this blog. I can almost guarantee you: if you follow these, you will most likely be on a good path to being successful. Without further due, let’s jump right into the 15 causes of why people are failing and how we can avoid them.

#1 No WHY

Too many people have a bad habit of drifting through life without a concrete purpose. Solve this point by creating a WHY and never waste another day not knowing what you want.

#2 poor Background

Unfavorable physical conditions and backgrounds immediately put you at a disadvantage to succeed. Nevertheless, that also provides you a great chance of finding the inner strength and motivation to keep building on to your purpose. If you can find yourself working towards your goal by already being in depletion, you are building successful habits.

#3 unecessary Speculation

Being busy speculating about other people will bring you down, and do I have to continue with the other negative consequences? I don’t think so; I will leave it here. Just skip the speculation; there is not one good thing that could come out of it.

#4 No life-goal

Not having a life goal equal not working towards something, and not working towards something leads to floating through each day without an accomplishment. Not accomplishing anything leads to an unstable mind filled with even messier thoughts. Hence, my advice: have a purpose in life.

#5 Inadequate education

Go to school and keep learning through life. Whether you went to the best or most prestige school or not is my point here. My point is: constantly having the urge to learn something and advance. Work on those brain muscles and develop them as well as the other muscles in the body. If you don’t, you’ll be stuck.

#6 Poor self-discipline

Poorly controlling exercise, eating, drinking, sex, and work lead to an unbalanced life. Everything is good in moderation; find your moderation with everything in life.

#7 Lack of ambition

Everyone has ambitions, but it’s the ambitions above mediocracy that will make you stand out. Mediocre ambitions lead to a mediocre lifestyle. However, if your ambitions are higher, so will you living standards be.

#8 Ill health

Ill health can develop by wrong thinking, improper diet, lack of exercise, and poor surroundings. You can become very sick if you believe you’re becoming sick. It is imperative to know the power of the brain on the body.

#9 Negative environment

A negatively influenced childhood can affect a person strongly, but it is possible to work with the issue instead of making it an excuse. If you know your childhood plays a significant role in your everyday life, search for help instead of digging yourself into failure.

#10 Lack of persistence

A lack of following through with a plan or anything else you have set your mind to is like setting yourself up for failure. Remember, being persistent will pay off in one way or another in life. Keep going.

#11 Poor attitude

Many factors can play a role in a poor mental attitude, but that doesn’t determine whether it is possible to change that attitude. Figure out the cause of that poor attitude and turn it around because if you keep having a negative attitude, negative things will come to you.

#12 Emotionally unstable

Being driven by the heart, the emotion called love for something is one thing. Being guided by vulnerability and the lack of controlling your emotions is leaving you unstable is another thing. Be led by your heart and what you desire but control your emotions. There is a difference.

#13 Dangerous desires

Gambling and wasting time on others making a future for themselves are like having a desire for nothing but yourself failing. Go far away from those places and people who are wasting their life; it becomes an addiction.

#14 Stop procrastinating

Things come in the way, and that is okay because life is unpredictable, but procrastinating is another deal. One is to deal with life as it comes, and the other is to throw life away when it comes. Use the time and invest in yourself instead of letting it sit there and slowly sip away.

#15 Being afraid

There are seven basic fears: poverty, criticism, ill health, aging, death, loss of liberty, and love. If you give up on any of these, there is a chance you will lose in life and fail. Success comes beyond fears, so talk about them and don’t be ashamed. Rather face your fears and break them before they break you.

Until next week, can you think of any other major cause of failure? If so, let me know in the comment section below, or write them down on a piece of paper and start working away from them.

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