Are Infrared Saunas the New Thing?

We’ve all heard about the new thing, infrared saunas, their incredible benefits, healing therapy, and much more, but how often should we use them?

After reading about the benefits and trying it out myself, I decided it was worth sharing on the blog. Besides the hype on social media, there are some remarkable benefits of infrared saunas. So, maybe it is the new thing after all? Undoubtedly, regular saunas are great for you, but in this blog post, I’m stressing why infrared saunas should be part of your weekly recovery routine rather than regular Swedish saunas.

Infrared saunas

There are certainly some differences between regular Swedish saunas and infrared saunas. Besides the humidity and different heating methods, the infrared saunas can eliminate far more toxins and make you feel more rejuvenated and refreshed after a session.

Moreover, the infrared rays will penetrate the skin up to six cm. Because the light can penetrate on that deep level, it makes it easier for the body to release toxins from deeper tissues and helps to bring that toxic load out of the body through our sweat glands. On top of that, infrared saunas also help increase circulation and lymphatic drainage, helping the body release other toxins internally, so keep reading.

Benefit #1 – Increases circulation

The benefit of infrared saunas is to remove environmental toxins and heavy metals from the skin. By helping the body, you de-load stress from other organs. In other words, you spare your livers and kidneys from detoxicating substances so the organs can focus and bring energy solely to their tasks.

However, some toxins can only leave the body through our sweat glands. For example, plastics are not a task for the inner organs to handle. Since it is difficult to terminate those toxins, saunas are one of the best methods for removing those microplastics.

Benefit #2 – Increases lymphatic drainage

Let’s move on to the next super benefit of infrared saunas: the increase in lymphatic drainage. The lymphatic system helps the body clean up tissues and help the body release toxins out of the body. So, for the lymphatic system to work in the best possible way, we must know how to activate and stimulate this system. The infrared saunas are then an excellent way to do both the activation and stimulation of the lymphatic system.

Benefit #3 – Increases core temperature

In addition, infrared saunas can help increase the body’s core temperature, helping the body tackle chronic diseases. You might still wonder why increasing the core temperature is a good thing. Athlete or not, we all have chronic diseases within our bloodlines; it is just a fact. Sometimes we know about it, and sometimes we don’t.

Researchers have found that people with chronic diseases tend to have a decreased core temperature. A lowered core temperature results in the body automatically going into a fever state where it can fight off infectious agents, unwanted cells, and, worst cases, cancer cells. So, the body creates an environment where those cells aren’t able to survive, and this is where the elevation of the core temperature comes in very handy.

Hence, by increasing the core body temperature, we help our internal system to be more energy efficient and save it from excess and unnecessary workload. So even if you can’t alter your core body temperature, the body knows how to benefit from infrared saunas where you manually increase your body temperature.

Benefit #4 – increases time for recovery

Furthermore, infrared saunas induce relaxation by shifting the body to the parasympathetic state. Since the body does rest-digest and feed-breed tasks in the parasympathetic state, it is valuable for the body that we can come to this state more often. Instead of waiting for the evening to sleep, where the body can naturally heal, recover, and detox, we can speed up this process by going to the infrared sauna and starting the cycle hours earlier.

Therefore, shifting the body to a maximum recovery state in the middle of the day after a tough session with lots of stress on the body or even just when feeling like the body is about to fight off an infection is a super method.


Do not jump into any sauna if you are sick; it might have the opposite effect as it sometimes does take some energy from the body. If your body is already fighting off a bacterial infection, let it do it its own way and return to your sauna routines after you feel energized again.

Until next week, try going to an infrared sauna regularly during a period and evaluate how your body feels the day before, the day off, and the day after you have been in the sauna.

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