Success Comes Outside the Edge of Your Comfort Zone.

What is it that makes us push ourselves to the edge of that comfort zone?

Before getting into the four steps of the comfort circuit, I would like for you to read this coming sentence three times. The first time, read it with understanding. Second, read it with feeling. Third, read it with an action in mind.

It is one thing to WANT to get out of your comfort zone and another to be forced/FORCE yourself out of it.

What is it that you aren’t doing because you are scared of failing? Ask yourself this; have you ever fallen and gotten back to try to complete something, or failed and walked away? Let’s go back to our childhoods when we failed every day yet kept trying to crawl, walk, talk, run and play.

The only thing we were born with naturally (hopefully if healthy) was the sucking mechanism for survival. After that, we didn’t have to learn how to crawl, walk, run, talk, write, jump, play, or compete. It came out of interest, and that is what we need to keep doing. Maintain curiosity and not worry too much about what will happen if we fail.

However, let’s talk about it anyways. Let’s say we fail; no one cares about that besides us. No one cares if a child tries to walk and then falls on their butt because they get back up again and keep trying. After enough falls, they hopefully learn how to fall so that it doesn’t hurt. Besides, if a baby never experienced a fall, they never would’ve known how to land when needed.

The same goes for us; if we never learn how to fail, we will never know what to avoid and learn from it to make the next try better. We have to fail big time sometimes to accomplish something big.

The Difference

What is the difference then between children and adults failing? Oh, failing at taking your first steps isn’t as big as failing on the court/field? No, it is harder to get back up and try when we are little because we do not understand how we learn best. When we are grown, we know how we can learn best and what strategies work for us, but we stop because we are lazy.

Step one – the comfort zone

So, when we are in our comfort zone, we feel safe and confident with our tasks. Control and competence are within our reach, and we know what to expect from our earlier experiences. However, it is also where boredom develops. We never get to do anything new but become automatized and lazy with time.

We then realize that boredom has nothing to do with us. By showing some interest by dipping our toes right outside our comfort zone, we believe that is enough because there is enough space to fall right back into comfort. There is nothing wrong with that; it is a sign that we are in the right direction.

Step two – fear zone

Step two is ultimately the breaking point, but it is not where we are growing and learning. It is the discomfort zone. The step where we start questioning our self-confidence, find excuses to quit, and listen to others’ opinions instead of our own. However, there is also a little spark of hope and growth beyond all the negativity that strikes us, and we have to take advantage of that little spark.

So, we continue to move in this direction but remember that the environment you are in can affect your performance, and it is not always in your control if you do well on the paper. The power of a coach or boss can be greater than the power you have as a worker/doer, you might not get the fitting task for your skill, or you might have to use a strategy that does not apply or work for your craft. Do not be discouraged, do not quit EVER in this stage. You have made it at times and failed others. Keep daring to fail because it only means you have a chance to succeed.

Are you still trying? Good, because you have just then entered the learning zone.

Step three – Learning Zone

It is too late to turn back and give up now. You’ve built trust and a foundation at this point. You are encountering new challenges behind closed doors, and that is good. Dare to confront them on the big stage too. Learn new skills and extend your comfort zone a little more because you’re already doing things that you weren’t in the comfort and fear zone. Dare to take action, and you will see a change.

You did it! You completed a goal and reached the growth zone.

Step four – Growth Zone

You’re not in the growth zone anymore. You have found your purpose. Step four is where you challenge yourself. You are conquering objects, setting new goals, letting go of things you can’t control, using imagery, growing as an individual, and living your dream. However, this is also the stage where it is time to get out of this comfort zone. Find a new challenge and tackle it, or you won’t be growing for much longer.

Until next week, ask yourself if you have ever been through these four stages and how they felt.

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  1. Steve Ruis says:

    I think a somewhat better title might be “Success Comes Just Outside the Edge of Your Comfort Zone.” At the end of your comfort zone is still inside of it and that won’t push the edge farther out. Too far out and you probably will not perform well enough to make it part of your new comfort zone. Living on the edge is a common statement used in this context.

    Again, a very valuable take. And I sincerely hope your readership includes a lot of young female athletes, who have been neglected for so long, and who need to hear the voices of successful female athletes.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Appreciate your engagement on my blog! Thank you so much for this comment. I’m going to go ahead and change my title to your suggestion 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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